Fundamental Beliefs

We know our clients’ situations and interview them so we understand their goals, risk tolerances, concerns, shortfalls, cash flow, savings, taxes, debt structure, insurance needs, asset structure, future expenses, asset allocation, portfolio income requirements, liquidity needs and estate needs BEFORE any recommendations are made or any fee charged.

We only work with those individuals who:

  1. Recognize they need help
  2. Can use our help
  3. Have enough to meet the minimum asset criteria as clients

We study the changing markets, taxes, the economy and our clients’ personal situations to make sure we are applying the best options.

We use Efficient Frontier (Modern Portfolio Theory) modeling to help maximize return and minimize risk, given the client’s risk tolerance, time horizon and income requirements.

We use technical and fundamental research to determine the risk in the stock and bond markets and tilt their investments to minimize risk, using red, yellow and green signals. During a red signal, risk is minimized. During a green signal opportunity is maximized within the parameters of our risk models.

We are held to the “fiduciary standard” in asset management, which is to act in the best interests of the clients and to provide investment advice in the clients’ best interest. Under the fiduciary standard, advisors owe clients undivided loyalty and utmost good faith.

We divide our client’s assets into producing and non-producing assets. We aim to help our clients increase their producing assets so that their income needs may be met or exceeded.

We seek to purchase stocks that are profitable and show stable cash flows.

We look at insurance as a cost to be minimized while working with outstanding providers.

We manage expectations so clients have realistic objectives that can be met.

We help our clients address their estate planning need at a reasonable cost.

We work as a team, so each area can be addressed while using niche expertise in accounting, legal, insurance and cash management without losing accountability by your trusted advisor.

Our partners have been selected to best serve our clients, including our broker-dealer, tax partners, custodian, advisors, support staff and investment providers.

We use systems and process to help make sure our high standards of service are met each and every time.

Let’s Plan for Success

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