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Boat Insurance in MinnesotaBoat insurance protects you from the high costs that can result from a boating accident. Watercraft liability ensures a certain amount of money is available to pay for property damage and injuries that you cause to another person with your boat. In addition to liability, there are many coverages that can be added to your policy, depending on your needs. Our experienced agents will help you figure out what coverage is needed and find the best rates. Contact us or request quotes to get started now.

Boat Insurance Coverage

Watercraft Liability
Covers bodily injury and property damage that you cause to another in a boating accident.
Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with a boater that has too little or no insurance.
Covers physical damage to your boat caused by a collision with another watercraft or object.
Covers physical damage to your boat caused by something other than a collision, like weather damage.
Medical Payments
Covers first party medical expenses, without regard to who is at fault in an accident.
Covers physical damage to your trailer caused by an auto accident.
Fishing Equipment
Covers lost, damaged, or stolen fishing equipment, like rods and reels.
And More
There are a variety of additional coverage options that may be a good fit for you, depending on your needs.


Am I required to have boat insurance in MN?
As of April 2021, watercraft liability coverage is not mandated by law in MN. If you have a loan on your boat, your lender may require insurance coverage. Even if you own your boat, liability coverage should be strongly considered to protect from the high medical costs that can result from a boating accident.
How much does boat insurance cost in MN?
The cost of coverage varies from as little as $100/yr to over $1,000/yr. The value, size, and power of your boat make a difference. So can your driving history and where you use your boat.
How do I find the best boat insurance rates?
To get the best rates, you need to shop around with different insurance companies. As your life changes, the company that offers you the best rates might change as well. As an independent agency, we do the comparison shopping for you.

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