Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance in MinnesotaUmbrella insurance protects your family from large lawsuits, up to several million dollars. One umbrella policy can extend the liability coverage on several policies, like auto and home. You may be surprised how affordable it is to add $1M in coverage. Our experienced agents will help you figure out what coverage is needed and find the best rates. Contact us or request quotes to get started now.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Auto Liability
Covers auto liability claims in excess of your auto policy limits.
Covers bodily injury you sustain in an accident with a driver that has too little or no insurance, in excess of your auto policy limits.
Personal Liability
Covers personal liability claims in excess of your home insurance policy limits.
Watercraft Liability
Covers watercraft liability in excess of your boat insurance policy limits.
Worldwide Coverage
Covers liability exposures while traveling abroad.
And More
There are a variety of additional coverage options that may be a good fit for you, depending on your needs.


How does umbrella insurance work?
An umbrella policy adds additional liability coverage to each of your “underlying” policies. Underlying policies may include your home, auto, motorcycle, boat, and others. A $1M umbrella on top of an auto policy with $500k means you’d have a total of $1.5M in liability coverage.
How much does umbrella insurance cost in MN?
$1M in coverage could cost as little as $150 per year. Multiple underlying policies, young drivers, or activity on your driving record could cause the premium to increase.
How do I find the best umbrella insurance rates?
To get the best rates, you need to shop around with different insurance companies. As your life changes, the company that offers you the best rates might change as well. As an independent agency, we do the comparison shopping for you.

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